About Your Inspection

What to expect from your inspection.

Standards for the Inspection

A visual inspection will be performed by our licensed inspectors on the building in accordance with the Florida Statutes 468.83 and the Florida Association of Building Inspectors

(FABI) Standards of Practice. Each inspection item will be documented for function, condition and general state (See inspection item list below). Any observable deficiencies will be documented and recommendations for repair/remediations will be given. During our inspection, we may be required to operate or test systems in the building (AC, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures etc.). All tests will be performed on systems in a standard manner as they were intended to function. Nothing will be operated outside of its normal mode, nor will any system be disassembled (beyond the normal service covers) for inspection of inner components.

During the Inspection

Inspections will typically begin at the exterior of the building, followed by the interior (for condominiums, suites and studios – inspections begin directly inside).

You are welcome to tag along for the inspection and observe our process or you can sit back and wait until the end to discuss observations. Whatever you choose, we encourage you to at least be present at the inspection. Whereas all concerns will be documented in your report, seeing them first hand,  makes for a better understanding. We only ask that all major questions be reserved for the end of the inspection, when we will go over all our findings.

After the inspection

We give a verbal summary of our findings at the end of each inspection. If you are not available to attend the inspection, we can do this through phone or video call.

We will explain the general condition of the property with you and your agent.  You will have the opportunity to ask any necessary questions at this time.  We will discuss any major concerns we recommend be addressed immediately, and we will highlight any system that appear to be in need of  maintenance/servicing. Your report will then be prepared and delivered (via email) within the next business day.

What We Inspect


Covering/Roof Structure (identify types of roof/roofing materials, approximate age, life expectancy and condition).

Structure / Foundation

Building structure/foundation will be visually inspected general condition and for any signs of damages/deficiencies.


Doors, Windows, Walkways/Driveways, Vegetation (as it affects the condition of the building), Eaves, Soffits, Fascia Boards, Grading, deck/balcony (where applicable).

Kitchen / Appliances

Kitchen plumbing fixtures, All affixed/permanent appliances (refrigerator, stove/oven, washer/dryer, built in microwave). Countertop/portable appliances and non-standard appliances such as coffee makers, trash compactors and wine coolers are not within scope of home inspection.


Walls/Permanent Surfaces (infrared scan/moisture meter), Doors, Windows, Ceilings, Steps, Stairways, Railings.


Faucets, Lavatories, Toilets, Showers & Tubs.


Identify Main Water Shut Off, water heater, plumbing fixtures, plumbing material types (where readily visible). Note: Drain lines systems are not examined within scope of inspection. For a more detailed inspection on condition of drain pipes a borescope inspection should be performed.


Electrical Panels, Outlets, Smoke detectors, GFCI’s, Light switches/fixtures.

Heating / Cooling

Air handler, Condenser Unit, Supply/Distribution ducts (where visible), Heating/Cooling Functions, Supply Temperature Readings, Age/General Information.

Swimming Pool

Pool surface, pool equipment (pump, heater, filter, safety fence).


Garage door, door operator, garage walls, floors and surfaces.

What's Included in a Home Inspection