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Buyer’s Pre-Purchase Inspection

Making the decision to buy a home is significant, and it's crucial to have as much information about the property beforehand.

Having a professional inspection empowers you to make an informed decision about what possibly your biggest purchase. We will thoroughly inspect and document the home’s current condition and help identify its repair needs. We will work with you and your realtor to navigate the various issues that may be revealed during the home inspection process, and the implications they have for you as a home owner. For a detailed look at what to expect during our inspection visit our “Your Inspection” page. Contact us to schedule your home inspection for your next purchase.


Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection

Before putting your house on the market, it is important to understand the home for its “selling condition”.

Whereas many homeowners may have a basic idea of their home’s general condition, our inspections go beyond face value to identify any issues with the property that could become a potential issue in the selling process. We will conduct a thorough inspection of the home, specifically in the areas  that are typically not easily visible in everyday circumstances, such as the roof, electrical panels, attics and other difficult to access locations. With this information, you can be better prepared for negotiations, preparing a sellers disclosure, or to make necessary repairs prior to listing. A pre-listing inspection can prevent any last minute surprises that could delay or ultimately derail a pending contract. For a detailed look at what to expect during our inspections, visit our “Your Inspection” page. Contact us to schedule a home inspection before listing your property.


New Construction Inspection

When purchasing a home directly from a builder or contractor, you are entitled to expect your new home to be in a pristine state and components function properly.

However, builders, like anyone else, can make mistakes or overlook details during the construction process. These errors may range from minor cosmetic issues to more significant structural problems. An inspection can uncover these issues before they become costly problems for you.  With our New Construction inspections, we inspect for signs of damages which could have occurred during construction process, omissions (missing covers, incomplete works etc) and just about anything else that is included in our standard pre-purchase inspection. There are 2 Considerations for New Construction Inspections

1) Pre-Closing Inspection, and 2) One year warranty Inspection.

1) Pre-Closing Inspection: This inspection will allow you to provide the builder with a list of concerns you would like to have resolved prior to closing on the house. This can potentially save you money and ensure you get the home you expect, and you can confidently move into your brand new home.

2) One year warranty inspection: Many builders may offer a 1 year warranty on new homes. So, usually before that warranty expires(typically the 11th or 12th month) we would inspect the property to determine if there is anything that has become deficient or no longer functions as it should. This will allow you to provide the builder with a list of items you would like to have addressed before the end of your warranty.

For a detailed look at what to expect during our inspections, visit our “Your Inspection” page. Contact us to schedule your home inspection for your next purchase.


Windstorm Mitigation

Whether you are buying a new home and need home owners insurance, or already own your home, and are shopping for new insurance, you most likely will need a windstorm mitigation.

A Windstorm mitigation(wind mit) is used to determine how well a building is protected against a windstorm/hurricane.

Wind Mit inspections require an evaluation of the property’s roof, windows, doors, and other structural elements that are vulnerable to wind/windborne debris damage. We will look for mitigating features that can help the property withstand high winds, such as: impact resistant windows, hurricane shutters, hurricane straps, hip shaped roofs.

Based on the findings of the wind mit report, the property owner may qualify for discounts on their insurance.  Insurance companies may offer discounts to encourage property owners to take steps to reduce their risk from wind born debris damage.

Contact us today to find out how you can save on your insurance with a Windstorm Mitigation Report.


4 Point Inspection

A 4 Point Inspection is typically required by insurance companies for homes 20 years or older before issuing new policies.

This inspection provides the insurer with an evaluation of the home’s 4 major components: Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC systems. The roof will be inspected for signs of leaks, damages or deterioration. The electrical system is checked for obsolete/outdated panels, improper connections, outdated wiring, and any potential safety hazards.  Plumbing pipes, fixtures, and connections will be inspected for any signs of leaks, damage or wear, and the HVAC system checked for function and signs of condensation leaks.

Based on the findings of the inspection, the insurance company will either issue a policy, require repairs or updates to the property, or decline coverage. Our inspectors will help you to understand what measures can be taken to prevent getting denied insurance coverage. Contact us to schedule your 4-point inspection today.


Roof Certification

If you have never been on your roof and wondered its condition, or your insurance company makes an inquiry about your roof, we offer a roof certification report.

A roof certification is a report that verifies the age and condition of your roof.  It will typically include information about the type of roof, its age, its general condition and its remaining useful life. The report will document any maintenance or repair needs necessary to keep the roof in satisfactory condition. Whether for your own peace of mind, or to satisfy your insurance, contact us today to schedule your roof certification.



If you suspect the home you currently live in, or the home you are looking to purchase may have mold, or just want peace of mind, we offer mold testing.

A mold test begins by inspecting the building for any visible or physical evidence of possible mold. Samples are then collected(swab or air samples) of the areas in question.  A control sample of general outdoor conditions is also collected to determine what the typical base rate of mold is for the given environment. After samples are collected they are sent to the lab for testing and analysis. Your results will be delivered to you electronically, typically within one business day. Once you have received your results, we are available for any follow-up questions you may have about the findings. Contact us today to schedule your mold inspection.


Wood Destroying Organisms (wdo)

WDO inspections are normally conducted during the buying, selling or refinancing of a property, but can also be done for homeowners who suspect they may have termites or other organisms causing damage to the wood around their property.

WDOs are any organisms that cause damage to wood structures. This could range from wood destroying insects (termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants etc)  to water/moisture related damages like fungi (wet/dry rot).

We will inspect accessible areas of the building structure (inside, outside, attic and crawlspaces) for any signs of wood rot/damages to the building. If evidence of WDOs are found, you will receive a report detailing what was found, and we will be available to consult with you to recommend necessary treatments or repairs needed in order to obtain a clear WDO report.

This report is completed on the Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Report form issued by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and is to be performed only by individuals licensed to do so. Contact us today to determine if you need a WDO Inspection.



Thermal/infrared imaging is a non-invasive method we incorporate into our inspections to detect issues “beyond the surface” of a building.

Our infrared cameras read heat signatures on surfaces/objects. This may reveal vital information or even potential deficiencies in what is being inspected. Some uses for Thermal imagining during our inspections include, but not limited to, appliance function checks, hot water temperature readings, AC supply/return temperatures.

Some deficiencies that may be identified with Thermal imaging* are, presence of moisture (at walls, roof/ceiling, plumbing or AC leaks), missing insulation(wall/attic), and heat/cooling loss around windows, doors or AC ducts. Contact us today to learn how you can have thermal imaging performed on your property.

*Limitations do apply – infrared technology may not detect moisture in an area that has been dried out. In other words, if it has not rained in a couple days, leak detection with use of infrared cameras may not be as effective. 


Borescope Inspection

Our Borescope inspection is a non-invasive method of inspecting the interior of the drain pipe system that are generally difficult to observe and otherwise not included within the scope of your Home Inspection.

A borescope is a flexible camera that can be inserted into a drainpipe to provide a visual inspection of the interior of the pipe. This is useful for identifying blockages, leaks, or other issues that could be causing problems with the drain system (such as aged cast iron pipes).

In addition to identifying existing problems, a borescope inspection can also help to determine the overall condition of the drainpipes. This information can be used to plan maintenance or repair work to ensure that the drain system is functioning properly and to prevent more serious issues from developing.

Contact us today to schedule a borescope inspection for your next property purchase or to address any concerns with your drainage system currently.


General Consultation

Whether you hired us for your initial inspection, or just have questions about your property, we are here to help!

If there are systems you don’t understand within your home or are unsure if something is performing as it should, we are available for consultations. Anything from moisture checks, roof inspections, or need help navigating insurance requirements, our job is to help you understand your property better. Contact us today with any questions you may have about your property.

Positive Reviews

Trich Your Realtor Avatar
Trich Your Realtor
Excellent service and quick inspection report turn around. The inspectors have always made themselves available, should my buyers have any questions or concerns. As always, I appreciate your service!
Selassie I. Fox Avatar
Selassie I. Fox
I recently needed an inspection for my home and I had the pleasure of working with Tariq. He was professional and very experienced. I highly recommend him. From start to finish, he was thorough, and gave excellent feedback. I was more than pleased with the final report. Five star inspection! Thanks again!
H Roa Avatar
H Roa
Great service! Tariq and Michael are friendly , prompt and professional! The communication before and after my inspection was excellent, I would definitely use their services again!